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We pride ourselves in providing the #1 holistic experience. Whether it be through our pharmacy, spa or clinic, we can guarantee you will walk out of the facility feeling refreshed. #1 Pharmacy is an international company that offers pharmaceutical products and services across geographies. We are an innovation-oriented company built on skills, know-how, and a strong reputation for high-quality pharmaceuticals. All products on our site are in stock, which we ship within 48 hours following the payment clearance.​

We sell safe and high-quality medications. Send a request and get a complete list of our offers!

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Dr. Browne Founder of #1 Pharmacy

"To summarize my philosophy as an independant pharmacist: I want to maximize the customer experience not, sales per square foot."

Dr. Browne Signature
Dr. Browne Signature

- Founder Dr. Anthony Browne

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